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The Heart of Tantric Sex
A Unique guide to Love and Sexual Fulfilment

by Diana Richardson

Nadia Shehadi
from Mexico City

An absolute MUST!!
The best book I´ve read on the subject. Written in a clear, concise and very refreshing way, it goes straight to the essence of Tantra. It´s an exquisite guide to shifting from DOING to BEING in sex and love. Amazing -easy to follow- information that can change your whole approach to sex and love (and therefore your life!). If you think you´re missing something with sex...this book is the answer. If you think you´re NOT missing might be in for a surprise. Basically if you´re interested in love (who isn´t?) this book could be a revelation.
from Sedona, Arizona, USA

Highly recommended candid and enjoyable guide to love-making. Anyone looking for a deeper and more fulfilling experience of sexuality will be thankful for this delightfully refreshing and down-to-earth guide. It contains none of the complex and contradictory techniques found in other tantra guides and "lovemaking how-tos". The author writes in straightforward, non-titillating terms, from her own experience. The guidelines are simply put and easy to follow, with key reminders at the end of each section.There are no erotic photos used; just simple and clear line-drawings. "The Love Keys" is an excellent starting point those who realize there can be more to love. Forget all those books that rely on stimulation, excitement, special positions and involved exercises. This books is fundamentally about relaxation; something for which we all have the capacity. If you're ready to bring more consciousness to your love-making, or get a taste of what you're missing, start here.

Dear V,
I want you to know about a marvelous event that has come about for my wife and I since you referred me to Diana Richardson's "The Love Keys."  You will think I am exaggerating, but in three days, our lovemaking has been completely transformed!  (I haven't even read the whole book yet.)  My wife has only heard me read a few excerpts.  By following the suggestions regarding relaxation, soft penetration, and avoiding excitement, her love has blossomed for me, and I am very grateful.And you are right - we could not have gotten there through other books, where the aproaches are quite eclectic, taking cues from here and there, and not remaining focused, like Diana Richardson, on the essential elements.
What a revelation! 
Thank you, V. S.

The Love Keys: The Art of Ecstatic Sex
A unique guide to love and sexual fulfillment

by Diana Richardson

"When we validate sexuality by incorporating consciousness, we discover sexto be a healing spiritual force. And, surprisingly, the sexual interest does not gradually "burn out" - the attraction increases. The sexual experience gets finer and finer as time passes... Tantra, which is everybody's birthright, removes the darkness and brings light to life."

Making Love with Innocence and a Beginner's Mind

Reviewed by Ma Dharma Madhumati, Viha Connection, U.S.A.

Diana’s book is an unflinchingly candid and thoroughly enjoyable guide to tantric lovemaking that leads the reader step by step to a deeper and more fulfilling experience of sexuality.
Led by her own personal search for an uplifting and energizing experience of lovemaking that would rescue her from disappointment, disinterest, and sexual routine, Diana has over many years of working with couples developed a wisdom system, based on tantra, of principles or "love keys" that unlock reservoirs of energy to heighten and expand our sexuality.
Preparation is needed, however, before we can understand and begin to experiment with Diana’s tantric love keys: she first takes us through a process in which we are encouraged to examine our sexual conditioning, understand the polarity between the male and female body as forming the positive poles of love, feel the vital link between meditation and sexuality and, perhaps most important, to approach making love with innocence and a beginner's mind.
This is not a book for lovers who treat each other's bodies like Olympic obstacle courses, who happily fill in charts tracking how many orgasms they have reached per hour, or who are turned on by the idea of using objects or visual aids of stimulation to bring excitement to their sex life. This book demands self-examination and self-awareness; in order to practice tantric sex you need to practice meditation and be prepared to look within to find the source of fulfillment.
The secret of tantric sexuality is relaxing into it, something that may not prove to be as easy as it sounds when one is in the throes of a powerful sexual encounter, and the tension between the lovers is exactly the source of the excitement.
Diana warns us that this tension may well be the source of all our dissatisfaction: "This sexual tension unfortunately seldom moves through or out of the body completely. Instead, it lives on as frustrated desire, accumulating with time and continually seeking release.
It makes our genitals tough and insensitive while it makes us feel emotional, restless, lustful, or angry."
When we can relax, however, and are completely available and open, something very magical inevitably happens: The mystery of sex opens up like an oyster to reveal the treasured pearl within. The pearl of erotic experience that can transport you into your own Perfumed Garden for hours and nights: "I remember it happening to me spontaneously in India during an intense monsoon rain, late one night. The thundering and torrential rains created the sensation of being encapsulated within a whirlwind of intensity. I was with my lover of many years in his huge bamboo bed when suddenly time stopped and we moved as one body, passionate and aimless, consciously absorbed in the unfolding present moment. I was golden and floating, ecstatically filled with love for hours, with no idea of how I had gotten there."
In this book she tells us exactly how to get there. The material is neatly structured over three parts, starting at the roots where we learn to reframe our sexual attitudes within tantric wisdom. Then on to the Love Keys, which include intriguing chapters such as "Genital Consciousness" and "Rotating Positions," and to a concluding third part that begins the journey into the practice of tantric sexuality. Diana’s book is a complete manual. She writes with confidence and establishes an intimate and supportive rapport with the reader, conveying the feeling that she is both teacher and friend wrapped in one. Strangely though, she asserts that the ecstatic potential of oral sex during foreplay is limited - something I found hard to agree with - because it "produces a great deal of excitement and reduces the consciousness of the genitals"!
But if you want to be golden and floating, ecstatically filled with love, and reach wisdom in your lovemaking - bringing happiness, deep fulfillment and health to your partnership - please buy this book. I highly recommend it!




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