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Tantric Love: Feeling versus Emotion
Golden Rules to Make Love Easy

by Diana & Michael Richardson

Diana and Michael Richardson have released a gem in this book. I was so excited when this was released as a beautiful adjunct to their other books on conscious lovemaking. As emotions can frequently be such a road block to intimacy and loving relating, they have found a beautiful, simple and practical way to guide the reader that intelligently addresses how to deal with this potential minefield.

Their description of the relationship between emotionality and sexuality is cutting edge and makes so much sense. This is an essential guide book that all couples who want more love, more intimacy, more joy, should have. So succinct, so clear, so needed in the world right now!
Janet McGeever.

I've been a huge fan of Diana's work for years so you can imagine my excitement when I came across thd latest addition to her formidable stable of Tantric sex handbooks - Tantric Love:
Feeling versus Emotion. Golden Rules to Make Love Easy. For me, no one writes as coherently or as authentically on the subject of conscious lovemaking and intimacy as Diana and her partner Michael, and this compact book is no exception.

Unlike many writers on Tantra I've come across in my years of exploration, they really 'walk their talk' and this latest offering is also peppered with real life scenarios and contributions by participants of their world renowned workshops. For me that lends additional credibility to the effectiveness of the ideas they advocate. The contributions are less like testimonials than genuine testaments to the work's effectiveness.

This small guide seems to fill in the gaps about what to do when emotion rears its ugly head in our intimate relationships... which it frequently does until one has cleaned out hurts and wounds from the past, so I've already recommended this book to clients who simply want to improve their communication skills, (although this book was obviously primarily written with couples and intimate partners in mind). Furthermore it describes perfectly the subtle differences between emotionality and over reaction, and true feeling. It's a great support and supplement to the other books Diana and Michael have already written.

A not to be missed addition to anyone's library who is truly interested in a fulfilling relationship and conscious lovemaking as a doorway to heartfelt intimacy.

Kate Johnson




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