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Media since 1993

January 1993 Tantra Academy Poona, presentation of tantric synthesis.

1994 Tantra International presentation of tantric synthesis.

1996 White Tara Magazine. S. Schaubmair “Love: The Roots of Tantra” Germany.

1997-98 Renudo Magazine - Series of six articles on sex over one year. Italy.

1998-99 Public Talks in Bookshops/Libraries in Milano, Bologna, Florence, Rome.

1999 Television Telegiornale Live interview coverage. Toscana, Italy.

1999 Q & A Interview: Silke Wahnfried, Berlin.

2000 Article, Gluckspost Magazine, Switzerland. Renee Tischler.

2001 Interview Osho Times: Love is not a feeling- it is a state of being. Germany.

06.2001 Spuren Magazine. Article Claude Jaermann. Switzerland.

10.2001 Yab Yum Tantra Magazine, Edi Goetschel, Switzerland.

7.12.2002 The Weekend Australian Newspaper. Interview with Ruth Ostrow.

03.2005 Public Talk for Women: “Time for Femininity” in Berne, Switzerland.

2006 Interview Osho Times, Koeln, Germany.

2006 Interview Bewusste Leben Magazine, Germany.

03.2007 Public Talk: Human Sexuality: The Loss of the Feminine: Berne, CH.

10.2007 Marie Claire Interview, Italy.

08.2008 Public Talk: Sex: The Inner Ladder of Growth, Berne, Switzerland.

2008 Osho Times, Koeln, Interview with Devapria. Germany.

10.7.2008 My Spirit Radio UK: Interview with June Elleni Lane.

01.2009 Psychology Today. Article by Dr Helen Robinson. UK/USA

3.03.2009 School of Sacred Mysteries. Interview with Deborah Foreman, USA.

4.03.2009 Maryanne Comaroto Live Radio Show. USA. Live interview.

14.03.2009 Heart & Soul Magazine, with Aisha Iman. Atlanta. USA .

04.2009 Live Radio Show Gina Cloud, USA.

24.5.2009 Interview Eva Maria Zurhorst for “Frauen satt und glucklich sein” DE.

07.2009 Interview Trudy Johnston, WellBeing Magazine, Australia.

25.05.2010 Public Talk Quelle, Berne, CH. Filmed by Augenschein, Cologne, DE.
DVD produced: Making Love - What you always should have known about Sex

6.03.2011 Dr Sherril Selman Live Radio Show, USA.

07.11. 2011 Fuer Mich Magazine with Dr Marion Breitner, Austria.

23.2.2012 Mary Spicer Live Radio Show, California, USA.

10.2011 Brigitte Magazine, Germany: “One of the top 3 experts in love worldwide”.

23.03.2012 Interview with Babarella Entertainment Agency, Germany.

03.05.2012 Interview Lichtfocus Magazine with Herbert Reiniger, Germany.

22.11.2012 Interview Sein Magazine with David Rotter, Germany.

05.2012 Koelner Express mit Christina Cologne, Germany.

09.2012 Brigitte Women with Christine Hohwieler, Chief Editor, Germany.

17.06.2012 St Galler Tagblatt, Switzerland. (unpublished)

08.2012 Interview with Viola Losemann, Freelance journalist, (unpublished)

08.2012 Article Freelance Journalist Boston James Postlethwaite UK (unpublished)

01.06.2012 Interview.

14.11.2012 Interview.

09.07.2012 Partnership Conference Zurich. Interview by Trias Power Seminars.

26.10.2012 Gesunder Leben, Austria. Interview with Marion Breiter.

28.10.2012 Bauer & Enqvist interview film: “Women: With or Without you” UK.

07.02.2013 “Let's Talk About Sex” on the Mary Spicer Live Radio Show, USA.

26.05.2013 Cosmic Cine Festival Public Award for “Slow Sex” Film, Munich. DE.

20.07.2013 Cosmic Cine Festival, Germany. Interview with Kerstin Brenner.

16.05.2013 Public Film viewing “Slow Sex”, Zurich, Switzerland.

14.08.2013 The Gary Null Radio Show, USA.

17.09.2013 Public Film viewing of “Slow Sex” Quelle, Berne, Switzerland.

14.10.2013 Interview Catharina Roland, Director of ‘Awake 2’ film, Austria.

21.11.2013 Zukunftsblick Magazine, Germany. Interview with Michelle Schopen

21.11.2013 "einfach JA".  Interview with Abheeti Gundula Zeitz

30.03. 2014 “Yours” Magazine, Australia. Article Catherine Rodie.

30.04.2014 “Shape”  Magazine. Germany. Article Pauline Krätzig.

01.06.2014 Osho Times, Germany. Article on Senses and Sensuality.

21.07. 2014  Digital Magazine ‘Aroused Woman' USA. Interview with Trish Causey.

22.07.2014 USA. Interview with Lisa Schrader.

30.07.2014 Skybrite Audio streaming platform, USA. Interviews with Mary Spicer.

14.08.2014 Public film viewing or “Slow Sex” with Q&A Quelle, Berne, Switzerland.


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